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Cicadas – Why do some people have them and some don’t?

The answer to this question may be easier than you think.  It really comes down to where you live.  If you live in a newer subdivision (less than12 years old) there is a good chance you will have less cicada activity then an area like Kirkwood/Webster Groves, where they have very old trees with lots of root systems.  The reason is simple, the immature stage of the cicada  lives below ground feeding on the sap of tree roots.  If your subdivision is new, the developer would have cleared a lot of the old trees (and their root systems) away thus removing any immature cicadas with them.  If your take away the food supply, naturally the  immature stages would die and the emergence this year would be poor to none at all.

Now, just because you didn’t have much activity this year, things will probably change when the next 13 year cycle comes back in 2024.  As all new subdivisions have planted new trees there is now a food source in place for the next cycle of cicadas to live in and around your yard quietly feeding waiting for their time to emerge.

Can you do anything to prevent them from infesting your root systems?  Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do.  The cicadas will burrow far enough down in the soil that any topical grub granular material that is spread out and water in will not penetrate deep enough to achieve total elimination. But at least they are otherwise harmless and we don’t have to put up with problem on a yearly basis!

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