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Is That Pest Control Product Safe?

If I only had a dime for every time I have been asked this question! It’s a serious question to ask though and one I never mind answering. Pesticides can be very effective with little safety implications for home owners and their families if the service provider is educated.

The first step any home owner should take in hiring a pest control service is to find a company that has a strong reputation.  Most companies with strong reputations have taken care to invest time and money into hiring, training and educating their employees year-round so that every application is an effective one. Companies that hire a new crew of technicians every spring, train them for the minimal time required by the state, and send them out can have difficulty maintaining consistency in their quality and culture over time.

Another way pest control services are made made safer is by concentrating treatments on the exterior of a home. At Blue Chip Pest Services, when we service a home we focus on areas that are most conducive for pest harborages.  And the most conducive area for a pest infestation is outside.  By concentrating on the outside where 99% of the pest problems come from you are essentially creating a pest free environment on the inside. Yes, you still may have an occasional insect make its way into your home, but most people find them laying upside down as they have already picked up a lethal dose on their way in.

If we do encounter a need to make an application inside a home, we only apply in areas that are considered conducive  for infestation or in the existing problem area.  These areas can include the basement, kitchen and any other area that has a water source.  We focus on using crack and crevice materials as well as general spray application.

We do ask that our home owners keep their children and pets away from the treated area until the product has dried, but once it has it is extremely difficult for anything but an insect to pick it up. Pesticides are manufactured to control insects and pests that are 1/10 of gram in weight and physical forms that are very different from yours and mine.  And also different from your bird, cat or dog.  Now if your pet happens to be a tarantula or some other type of arachnid or insect, then that information would very important to anyone treating your home for general pests.

Hopefully this will help clear up any more questions as it relates to this topic! Please call us if you have any questions or concerns regarding these pests at 636-343-7900 or go to for more information regarding our service options.


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