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How to Exterminate German Cockroaches

Ah, the German cockroach. The most prolific roach that infests homes and businesses all around the world.  This insect is very hard to eliminate for various reasons.  The German cockroach is able to adapt to any situation given.  Of all the cockroaches that we deal with in the United States, the German cockroach reproduces the quickest, have the most offspring per egg capsule, are able to find more harborage (nesting) sites due to their relatively small size and require very little amounts of food and water to survive.  Everyone has heard the expression “if you have one, then you have hundreds,” and in the case of the German cockroach, this may be true.  Because they are secretive in nature, some infestations go unnoticed until there are literally hundreds of roaches.  St. Louis Pest Control operators deal with situation like this all the time.  Now, not all cases are as extreme as the picture depicted here, but some are.

At, Blue Chip Pest Services, we use a variety of insecticides to control a cockroach infestation but we most commonly use cockroach baits as our main weapon of choice.  Cockroach gel baits are very effective in controlling German cockroaches because they work  in more than one way.  Yes, they kill any roach that consume the bait but it will also kill the immature stages (nymphs) that will consume the fecal matter that has passed through the initial roach that consumes the gel bait. I guess you can call it a double whammy effect.

Using a gel bait sounds simple, right?  Well, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Where most people go wrong when using gel baits is the placement of the bait and the placement size.  In order for gel baits to be effective you have locate (or get very close) the harborage site and the placements need to be small (about the size of a BB pellet) and numerous.  In most cases, people are not willing to take the time necessary to treat properly.  At Blue Chip Pest Services, we find mis-applications of bait all the time.  The proper way to apply a gel bait is to make small placement in areas that are not visible or that can be touched by someones finger under normal circumstances.  In an average infested kitchen we will generally place between 50 – 100 bait placements around to give you an idea.  Needless to say, controlling cockroaches can be very hard work and one must have plenty of time to pull things out to find the harborage site.  Empty the cabinets and drawers, pull the drawers out of the cabinet, and do a thorough cleaning preferably with a vacuum before starting.  Also, if you find any roaches you can vacuum them up too as it is a great way to kill them and prevent eggs from hatching.   If you are up to the challenge, be patient and take your time.  The results can be great.

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