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St. Louis Pest Control – Clover Mites

Clover mites!  These pesky little bugs can get into anything due to there small size.  Something that  looks completely sealed to you and me may look like a gigantic opening to them.  Clover mites are most active in the spring but if conditions are right they can be found year round, even on a sunny winter day.  And as all of St. Louis knows, our winters can go from a frigid snow packed day to a  50-60 degree day in a matter of days, this week being a perfect example of this.  In the springtime,  Blue Chip Pest Services will receive dozen of calls each day about these pests.  The mostly common descriptions include; small red spiders,  small red ants and something that leaves a red smear when crushed.  The fact is, this bug is a mite, they are not even in the insect family.  They are considered a nuisance pest because they do not bite or cause any structural damage to your home or business.  However, the Clover mite does have a red pigment inside their bodies that will stain surfaces if crushed or smashed.

Clover mites suck fluids from grass, clover and other plants as their source of food.  Therefore, those of you who have sprinkler systems or have poor water drainage away from your home can have continual problems throughout the summer if not treated.

At Blue Chip Pest Services, our exterior pest control program focuses on those areas where pests forage and hide.  This includes creating a 6′ barrier out from your foundation and going 2-3′ up onto the foundation.  We also treat behind siding, around windows & doors and any other entry point that mites will use to enter a structure.   If you have a problem with Clover mites every spring, it is best to treat these areas before they have chance to gain a stronghold.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns regarding these pests at 636-343-7900 or go to for more information regarding our service options.


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