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St. Louis Pest Control – Mosquito Season

April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring mosquitoes.  The wet weather that we have had so far this year, combined with some fast rising temperatures, have given rise to our mosquito population already.  I noticed several in my back yard the other night.   This is not yet reason to worry, in that we should cool off a bit, and that will help to eliminate some of them, but come May 1st, we will be in full swing with mosquitoes.

Here are some things that you can do to help prevent them:

  1. Use a repellant.  This is by far and away the most effective thing that you can do to prevent getting bitten by mosquitoes.  Make sure that the repellant has DEET in it, otherwise it may be less effective.
  2. Avoid peak mosquito times.  An hour or so before sunset, to just after it, is the peak time for mosquitoes to be out and about.  Earlier than that then the sun will keep them away, later than that, the bats will gobble them up.
  3. Wear long clothing.  A light long sleeve shirt will be a good barrier between the mosquitoes and your blood.  This is not always practical as it gets warmer, but see tip #1 if you must bare some skin.
  4. Keep water from standing.  Bird baths, small ponds, clogged gutters, and even trash can all hold water long enough to allow mosquitoes time to breed.  If they cant breed , then there are fewer to come after you.

Here are a few things that don’t actually work:

  1. Citronella Candles.  They have a small effect, but mosquitoes are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide, which the candles produce.
  2. Bug Zappers.  They use blacklight to attract insects, but have no effect on mosquitoes.  They seem like they are doing a good job, but mostly they just kill moths and flies.

I understand that all of these things are not always practical and for that reason, we have a treatment program that will help to eliminate mosquitoes from your yard.  Our program makes monthly applications (May – September) to the foliage around your home and yard.  We use a microscopic material that clings to the undersides of leaves and foliage where the mosquitoes rest and hide during the day.  This will eliminate large numbers of mosquitoes and generally reduce the population to a number that will allow you to enjoy your yard.

For more information go to  You can learn more about our service program for mosquitoes and sign up for service online.

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