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St. Louis Pest Control – Fruit Fly Prevention Tips

Fruit flies are an annoyance for lots of homes and businesses around the area.  They breed rapidly and are attracted to a variety of sources that are all over our kitchens and homes.  Some of the things that will attract fruit flies include:

  1. Fruits such as bananas, lemons, apples, or anything with a high sugar amount.
  2. Onions, potatoes and other foods high in starch.
  3. Garbage disposals
  4. Trash cans and recycle bins

All of these things are commonly found in almost every kitchen.  With a few simple steps you can help prevent their ability to live inside your home.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Keep fruits and vegetables stored in the refrigerator.  If you let bananas or other fruits sit too long, they start to break down and release sugars.  Same goes for potatoes and onions, both of which are high in sugar / starch.
  2. Clean your trash cans and recycling bins on a regular basis.  It only takes a few drops of soda or beer to provide a breeding site.
  3. Rinse cans, bottles or plastic containers before placing in trash or recycling bins.  If a soda can sits for more than a couple of days with soda inside, it can become a breeding site.
  4. Clean your garbage disposal.  The tablets that you grind up in your disposal are a good first step.  Unfortunately the biggest breeding site is the underside of the rubber drain cover.  Most will pop out, soak it in hot water then run it through your dishwasher.  If you cant get it out, get a glove and use your finger to scrape the gook off the underside.
  5. Mold especially on bread can also be a source as it releases the sugars in the bread and attracts flies.  One piece that fell behind the stove or fridge can cause major problems.

True control of fruit flies is done through breeding site elimination.  Sprays and traps will help to knock down adults, but a new crop will hatch out tomorrow and start the process all over again.  As hard as it is, you just have to keep looking.  If you get to a point where you can no longer take it, then give us a call or go to to schedule a service.  We have been providing St. Louis pest control services since 1959.


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